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"Welcome to Crunch & Co., a place where we do nutrition differently. This page is a safe haven for those suffering from all types of gut issues or for those struggling with their nutrition and diet.


At Crunch & Co. we get back to basics and focus on food and forget about the FAD diets. We work closely with each individual client to figure out what their nutrition goals are and how we can help. 

Crunch & Co. is unique in that it was created by Meg O'Connor (Dietitian - APD) who has had IBS for more than 10 years. Meg understands what having gut issues means, it's not fun! Meg is here to provide support through one-on-one dietetic consults. But it doesn't stop there, Meg writes all of her own recipes and strives to get people eating the meals that they love with a few alterations here and there to help meet their goals.

Whether you're here for weight loss support, gut health advice or any other nutrition related reason Meg is here to help. She wanted to create this space for people like herself who love good food and therefore this page has super tasty and healthy recipes which will suit whichever diet you may need to follow (GF, DF, Vegan, Low FODMAP, etc.) 

If you want to chat with someone who truely loves food and helping people book in to see Meg here!

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