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Tofu Pizza Bites

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Tofu Pizza Bites
Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Vegan | Dairy Free


3 Cloves of Garlic Crushed

1 TBSP Italian Herbs

3 TBSP Lemon Juice

Pinch of Pepper

Pinch of Salt

2 TBSP Gluten Free Soy Sauce (Tamari)

1/2 Block Firm Tofu

1/4 Cup Cheddar Cheese (use a vegan one if wanting DF and Vegan)

1 TBSP Tomato Paste

EVOO  (for cooking and to serve)

Basil (to serve - optional)

Slice the tofu into thin-medium thickness pieces
In a container mix the garlic, italian herbs, lemon juice and Tamari.
Place tofu pieces into the container and toss them in the marinade to ensure they're fully covered.
Place the container into the fridge and allow the tofu to marinate for a couple of hours
In a large fry pan heat some EVOO. While this is heating, preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
Cook the tofu in the fry pan and flip frequently to make sure the garlic pieces don't burn but the tofu is still golden.
Remove the tofu from the pan and place onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. Spread the tomato paste evenly over each tofu piece and then sprinkle with cheese.
Place tofu into the oven and cook until the cheese has melted
Serve with a little drizzle of EVOO and basil. Enjoy!

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