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Food Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions


How many sessions will I require with a dietitian?

A: It really depends between person to person. On average clients require at least 2-3 appointments. This allows for a treatment plan to be developed and then tweaked over a couple of sessions. For clients requiring Eating Disorder support, the number of appointments is generally higher. This is why an Eating Disorder Care Plan provides up to 20 Medicare Rebated sessions. The FODMAP diet also requires approximately 4-5 sessions with Meg, to navigate all 3 stages of the diet.


Are dietitian's the food police?


A: Absolutely NOT! Our dietitian Meg approaches nutrition with a balanced approach. There is no such thing as 'good' or 'bad' food. Meg asks for a diet history to understand what types of foods you enjoy so that she can ensure that any advice she provides include foods you love.


I struggle with managing multiple stairs, can I still see Meg in person? 

A: Of course! Bentleigh East (56 East Boundary Road, BENTLEIGH EAST) has an accessible entry around the back of the building with no steps. Our other two locations do have some steps. Prahran (386 Malvern Road, PRAHRAN) has one step to enter the building and another 4 to get up to the consulting rooms. Fitzroy is on the first floor and therefore has a flight of stairs. Please message Meg if you have any concerns arounds accessibility and an alternative can be arranged.


I'm coming in for an appointment is there anything I can do to prepare?


A: Yes, if possible it is recommended to have any recent blood test results from your GP handy. If you can, completing a food diary before your appointment is also extremely helpful. Here are some handy templates. 

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