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Veggie Soup

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Packed full of veggies this is delicious and EASY! Like too many of my recipes, I was simply trying to use up all the vegetables in my fridge before my next grocery shop, so feel free to make this your own with your own veg combo.

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Veggie Soup
Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Vegetarian | Vegan

Fry off leeks in a little olive oil for 3-4 minutes. Place in all the veggies and then cover with liquid so that all veggies are covered and let cook for as long as possible or until all of the veggies are soft. 

You can either serve it like that with the chunks, but I prefer to put in a blender and  blitz to a soup like consistency.

Serve with some chives and enjoy


1/2 cauliflower head 

1/8 Kent pumpkin cubed

3 zucchini’s sliced 

2 white potatoes peeled and cubed 

1/2 bunch Leeks finely sliced 

Vegetable stock


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