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Plant Mirror Reflection

Services & Fees. 


60 Minute Appointment - $150.00*

Available via both Face-to-Face and Telehealth.


In this session our dietitian Meg will conduct a thorough nutrition assessment including medical history and diet history. Meg and the client will then work through their goals and treatment plan. For those with gut health concerns, filling out a 3-5 day food and symptom diary is recommended prior to your first appointment. 


50 Minute Appointment - $100.00*

Available via both Face-to-Face and via Telehealth.


In the Review sessions Meg and her client work through the clients progress together. Review session are 50 minutes so that clients don't feel rushed and can talk through any barriers that may have appeared between sessions, discuss their wins and make tweaks to their treatment plan. 

* Please note, for clients requiring longer sessions (60+ minutes) this can be arranged. Pricing will reflect additional time spent and can be provided to clients at their request. 



Our Dietetic services are recognised by Medicare and therefore we can offer Medicare Rebates for those eligible. Clients are seen under the following Care Plan item numbers. Please note these care plans are only available for those eligible through their GP.

10954 - Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program OR Team Care Arrangement (TCA) - Face to Face

82350 - Eating Disorder and Treatment Management Plan - Face to Face

93013 - Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program OR Team Care Arrangement (TCA) - Telehealth

93074 - Eating Disorder and Treatment Management Plan - Telehealth

The current Medicare Rebate under these item numbers are: 

Fee: $68.20 Benefit: 85% = $58.00



Our dietetic services can assist those NDIS clients who are plan and self-managed under Therapeutic Supports. 



At all 3 Crunch & Co. locations, a Hicaps Terminal is available to process on the spot Private Health Claims. Rebates from Private Health differ between funds. 



For clients without Medicare, NDIS or Private Health Funding, services are still available and payment can be processed on the day of service. 

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